Bourke police officers adopt abandoned cat for their station

A pint-sized feline has stolen the hearts of some coppers in the the state’s west.

About a month ago a cold and hungry little cat turned up at Bourke Police Station.

His “affectionate and lovable” nature made its mark and now he’s the kitty-in-residence.

Monday was a red-letter day when “the Bourke Police Station Cat” received a more personal - or purrsonal - name.

He would be called PC (Police Cat) Splashe, the station revealed to an admiring audience on social media.

Senior Constable Belinda Hurst said they ran a poll to decide the name and Splashe was the popular choice.

It was inspired by local product Splashe Cola, she said.

Senior Constable Hurst said Splashe’s nature shone through from the start.

“He’s affectionate and lovable, everyone fell in love with him,” she said.

“Even the people who say they are not cat people love him.”

Now the purring one’s future looks bright.

Senior Constable Hurst reported “the boss agreed he could stay” and the local officers chipped in to pay for Splashe’s food, vet bills, bed and toys.

The growing cat’s activities include chasing mice, walking about the station and assisting officers with their paperwork.

“He keeps us company on the night shift,” Senior Constable Hurst said.

If cats have nine lives, Splashe’s current one is proving eventful.

“He’s gone from being a stray cat to probably the most spoilt cat in Bourke,” Senior Constable Hurst said.