Mayor says shire only limited by imagination with Inland Rail

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Could the Inland Rail mean Narromiine will become the freight hub of NSW? 

Mayor of the Narromine Shire, Craig Davies, seems to think so. He believes because Narromine is the town where two arterial highways meet, the “sky is the limit” when it comes to freight opportunities in Narromine. 

Cr Davies said the Inland Rail will open Narromine up to every capital city in Australia. 

“This rail line will open up every capital city to Narromine by rail in the country,” he said.

“Our area presents much scope to develop not only significant grain handling and containerising facilities, but also the potential for numerous other businesses and industries to piggyback off the convenience of having trains able to deliver to five ports from the Narromine Shire along with making the most of having two major highways dissecting the shire.” 

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Cr Davies said he’d like to see Narromine become home to an intermodal hub.

“Once construction planning is finalised we then need to ensure we have done the work necessary to have an intermodal hub developed here in the Shire,” he said. 

“Again this is not a development that council would necessarily take on but would facilitate through negotiations with logistics operators in the private sector. 

“This facility is basically a spur running parallel to the main line for some 2.1 kilometres to allow trains to be loaded with a vast array of goods and if the government wish to see any profit from the line in the next 50 years they will need to find every possible load.”

Cr Davies said he sees potential for every kind of industry in the Narromine Shire once the Inland Rail makes its way to town. 

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