Candidates talking on the important issues

In just under two weeks ratepayers will hit the booths to vote for either Ruth Carney or Trudy Everingham in the August 19 by-election. 

The Narromine News and Trangie Advocate asked both candidates what their views are about particular Narromine Shire issues.

Crime statistics in the shire has caused concern to many ratepayers. 

“Crime is a big worry in cities and in smaller communities,” Mrs Carney said.

“Council needs to consult constantly with the police and state government ministers, schools and parents on how to solve this issue.”

Miss Everingham is concerned about a lack of education. 

"Crime is a result of disadvantage and a lack of education, I bring a vision to ensure all local kids are given the best education and opportunity that can be provided locally. It is then the role of council to facilitate opportunities for work,” she said. 

Former councillor Carney is familiar with the potential levy bank plan. 

“The levy bank is an important matter. To most people it means higher insurance, to some living near the river it means a levy bank will impact on their aesthetic view of their homes,” she said.

“The discussion has been going on for quite a long time and eventually it will mean that someone is going to be disappointed. I hope council as a whole will eventually make the right decision for the community.” 

Miss Everingham said she hopes a resolution can be achieved. 

“I would hope that a resolution can be achieved quickly and that will bring about the outcomes that will take our shire forward. Narromine has gone backwards for far too long and if a levy is the answer to ensuring progress then I will support it fully knowing that the present councillors will always be mindful of the disruptive nature of this type of development and will ensure it’s minimised,” she said.

Both candidates have concerns about the empty shops in all the main streets. 

“It is of concern to most people that there are empty shops in the town and some business houses have to close. Lots of people are conducting business online. Council will need to consult widely with business people to try to stop these closures. We also need to work out how to attract tourists,” Mrs Carney said.

“I am staggered by how many businesses left town during the tenure of the previous council. I believe this has stopped and can only hope our community has gained confidence in the current council,” Miss Everingham said.