Narromine by election votes

Ruth Carney (left) Trudy Everingham (right).
Ruth Carney (left) Trudy Everingham (right).

TUESDAY, 8.35am: The Electoral Commision NSW have updated the votes at 7.37am on August 22. The first preference figures are complete

Trudy Everingham is still ahead with a tight lead. Miss Everingham has 56.52 per cent of the formal vote compared to Ruth Carney’s 43.48 per cent of the formal vote. 

The breakdown is as follows: 

Miss Everingham won 953 votes at Narromine Public, 47 votes at Tomingley Hall, 331 votes at Trangie Central, 23 votes at enrolment, 483 votes at the Returning Office and 49 postal vote equating 1886 votes in total of the 3337 formal votes. 

Mrs Carney won 714 votes at Narromine Public, 69 votes at Tomingley Hall, 216 votes at Trangie Central, 7 votes at Enrolment, 397 votes at the Returning Office and 48 postal vote, claiming the remaining 1451 votes of the 3337 formal votes.

There were 95 informal votes in total. 


3.30pm: NSW Government Electional Commission was updated at 2.41pm. 

Miss Everingham still holds the lead. 

This time Miss Everingham is leading Mrs Carney 56.32 per cent to 43.68 oper cent of formal votes. 

10.50am: New council candidate Trudy Everingham looks to have the lead over former councillor Ruth Carney in the early counting stages of Saturday’s election.

The Narromine By-Election took place on Saturday and the first preference votes are currently being counted.

Just over 3,203 votes have been counted, at 10.30am on Monday morning.

Miss Everingham is out in front with 56.5 per cent of the vote, with Mrs Carney not too far behind with 43.5 per cent of the vote. 

So far Miss Everingham has 952 votes from Narromine Public, 47 votes from Tomingley Hall, 331 votes from Trangie Central and 483 votes from the Narromine Returning Office. 

Mrs Carney has 714 votes from Narromine Public, 69 votes from Tomingley Hall and 216 votes from Trangie Central and 397 votes from the Narromine Returning Office.