Council debate green bin

A decision about the food and garden organics bin in will be made tonight.

Council are meeting for an extraordinary meeting at 4.30pm this afternoon to discuss the finance and corporate strategy report and the potential introduction of the food and garden organics in the Narromine Shire Waste Collection Services. 

The councillors will be asked to vote for or against the recommendation of: “That council expand the current waste collection service to include food and garden organics from July 1, 2018.” 

In a Fairfax Media poll 60 readers responded, with 55 per cent (33 votes) responded with no to the organics bin, 40 per cent (24 votes) were for the bin and five per cent (three votes) didn’t care either way. 

The Shire also conducted a survey of 101 people. 96 per cent of the respondents were from Narromine, four per cent were from Trangie and no one participated from Tomingley. 

Forty-nine per cent of respondents said they would use the third bin regularly, 20 per cent said they would use it sometimes and 31 per cent said not at all. 

When council asked if the respondents would support the bin, 28.44 per cent said they would strongly support it, while 33.33 per cent said they’d strongly oppose it. 

“The survey indicates that 44.11 percent of responders oppose, 49.03 per cent support and 6.86 per cent neither oppose nor support the introduction of a new system at a cost of $1.20 a week,” the Infrastructure and Engineering Services Report states. 

The meeting begins at 4.30pm this afternoon.