TBT: Narromine in October 2008 | Photos

Loads happened in 2008 there were the regular annual events that everyone looks forward to a long with a few special events. 

We farewelled the class of 2008 who are now 26 and 27 years of age.

The preschool celebrated their 50th birthday (which means next year they turn 60!) 

There was the Dandy Cup, coming up next weekend.

There was of course the usual events such as sporting events and school fun.

Justin Carney was in his prime having just signed with the Canberra Raiders.

The Gorillas had an eventful awards evening.

Three of Narromine’s finest sacrificed their well-grown beards for charity. 

And there were at least four babies born! 

Check out the gallery for yourself to go back in time and revisit October 2008.