Graincorp Silos open in Trangie and Nevertire

GRAINCORP SILOS: Silo upgrades open in Trangie, Nevertire and Gilgandra before harvest began. Photo: CONTRIBUTED:
GRAINCORP SILOS: Silo upgrades open in Trangie, Nevertire and Gilgandra before harvest began. Photo: CONTRIBUTED:

Trangie and Nevertire have been included in a GrainCorp upgrade in the Central West, along with Gilgandra.

The central west sites can now take advantage increased storage capacity to Port Kembla in just 48 hours with a 48 wagon train capacity. 

The Trangie storage capacity reaches 210,000 tonnes. 

GrainCorp has cited this as a top 10 site in northern NSW as it services over 100 farms.

The site predominately receives wheat and barley.

The “regeneration” included rail upgrades including upgraded high-speed rail loading. 

The Nevertire site has a storage capacity of 190,000 tonnes. 

This is also one of the larger sites in northern NSW as it service around 100 local farming businesses, handling wheat, canola and sorghum.

The “regeneration project” included upgraded rail loading facilities with 3000 tonne of pre-accumulation capability that can load a 40 wagon train in under five hours. 

The Gilgandra site has a storage capacity of 260,000 tonnes.

This site services over 250 local farming businesses. It is spread across four locations and predominately receives wheat and barley and some canola.

As a part of the “Regeneration” project the site has included a new 2500 tonne rail loader, over 120,000 tonnes of additional storage capacity and all four locations are been optimised for safer and more efficient traffic flow.

“We are committed to ensuring that GrainCorp can meet the needs of our grower customers as we all respond to the challenges of a much drier season,” GrainCorp Chairman Graham Bradley said.

“As a business, we continue to invest to improve efficiency and customer service for the long term – the good years and the lean.

“It is great to see our investment in key sites like Gilgandra, Trangie and Nevertire is not only benefiting our export program but is also improving our service to the domestic market as we move more grain back to rail.”

“It is good to see some of our completed Project Regeneration sites across northern NSW,” Mark Palmquist, Managing Director and CEO said.

“The smaller crop highlights the importance of investing in an efficient supply chain for export and domestic customers, where the savings are passed through to local growers.

“We are committed to building a better network for Australian growers to ensure we remain a strong and competitive player on the international stage."

Graincorp reported the NSW Government completed the upgrade works increasing the rail sidling to a 48 wagon capacity.