Narromine News Office heads down the street

The Narromine News and Trangie Advocate is moving to a new office in Narromine.

The new office is at the Visitor’s Information Centre on Burraway Street, between the Museum and the pool.

This building is familiar to the people of Narromine, as it was the home of Macquarie Valley Vacation Care and is currently where Macquarie Valley Family Day Care is held. 

The Narromine News and Trangie Advocate will be in an office within the building. 

Editor Brian O’Flaherty said the paper will still be dedicated to its community. 

“The Narromine News staff will continue their dedicated service to the shire and to its customers from the new premises,” he said. 

“The Narromine News is part of the community and strongly believes the town, shire and the people will continue to thrive and prosper.” 

Office hours remain the same.

The office will be open Monday to Wednesday 9am to 3pm. 

Advertisers can contact Cassie Miller-Coen on phone by dialling 02 6889 1066 or email her on 

Anyone looking for editorial can find the journalist on 0455 066 740 or email 

Those wishing to submit copy to the editorial staff visit the website and click on ‘send us your news’ or contact the team through Facebook by searching Narromine News.

Should you be unable to get onto a staff member of the Narromine News please contact The Daily Liberal on 6883 2900. 

The staff are looking forward to maintaining a presence in the Narromine Shire communities.