Eternity Matters | Decline of principles and good character

Once, newspapers were the gatekeepers of truth. They informed the public of what was going on and what was really happening. Quite often, good editors and good journalists worked under a lot of pressure to serve the public.

In many ways, Spielberg’s latest offering, The Post, is a depiction of a time gone by. Nowadays, anyone can record something on their phone and upload it for consumption immediately. With 24 hour news channels and the internet, the news we often receive the news as it happens.

But some of the challenges faced by the characters in The Post stay the same today. There are times when it is politically expedient for the government of the day to make choices that are bad for the public and then claim they are good. Attempts by the press to question these decisions lead to the government to sabotage the press. “Fake News!” Does this sound familiar? It is true that all press work from a bias. We all have one. But this does not mean that there is no truth in the story?

Other themes that are explored include character and morality. This of course is something that we all can be reminded about more often. Character is about doing what is right no matter what the cost. Do we make decisions that align with our values in times of crisis? Or do we take the easy way out? What if doing the right thing were to cost us everything? Would we still do it anyway?

Speaking of principles, who or what decides what is right? For many people today, doing what is right is synonymous with doing what feels right. Are feelings the most reliable guide for our actions? “I just had to do what was right for me,” we often hear from others. But doesn’t that sound selfish?” What is your moral compass? For followers of Jesus, we are reminded that the Holy Scriptures are our guide in life. Psalm 119:105 tells us, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”