We all want a ‘fair go’ these days don’t we?

Fairness is important in Australia. Even as many in the country turn their backs on a Christian heritage (it’s a free country), it is interesting how there still some values of Christian origin that are deemed important.

Making sure that everyone has a fair go and the idea that all people are equal and deserving of respect is one.

We suspect this is why there is so much outrage when it comes to cricket at the moment. It is a game where all should have equal opportunities to win. Having an unfair advantage is verboten. It is even worse when it is not just the foot soldiers, but those in authority, who are seen as being not just complicit, but instrumental in any illegal activity or cheating. Leaders should lead by example. Sadly, this is a story that will be repeated many more times in the days ahead. The players involved will have to live with this for years.

But with so much attention on the cricket at the moment, there is another story that is being overlooked. Thousands of asylum seekers in Australia will have their income support cut on the first of April.

A press release backed by 95 community organisations reports the cuts will mean refugees will no longer have a basic living allowance (about $247/week), casework support, assistance in finding housing, and access to torture and trauma counselling. “It is absolutely clear people who have already faced terrible trauma in their lives will, in Australia, be forced into homelessness if they don’t have any income support” said Paul Power, CEO of the Refugee Council of Australia.

From all accounts, these are people who have fled their countries to escape abuse, torture, imprisonment or death. They have come here believing they will be safe only to find that the policy of the day is to make their lives more awful than if they were to stay in their own countries..