Farmers offered a helpful hand

Photo: File.
Photo: File.

Drought affected farmers have been offered a helping hand from Australia’s largest spray equipment specialists.

SprayerBarn, which has stores in Dubbo, Parkes, Narrabri and Moree, have decided to donate their labour to repair pumps that are on Spray Rigs.

The organisation’s customers are farmers, which is why they want to help.

If the pump can be repaired and the parts are able to be obtained, then SprayerBarn will fix it. The only cost to the farmer will be the cost of the parts.

“The labour component of a pump repair can often be 85 per cent of the final repair price” said SprayerBarn group founder Daniel Szymkow – MD of SprayerBarn.

“This way farmers can bring their pumps to one of our stores, have it repaired and have all the labour cost wiped off their bill.”

This offer is open to all farmers, customers of SprayerBarn or not.

For more information contact your local SprayerBarn store at:

- Dubbo 02 6882 0313.

- Moree 02 6752 4700.

- Narrabri 02 6792 1242.

- Parkes 02 6862 5256.