Castlereagh Rugby League issue statement regarding loss of points to Trangie Magpies

Castlereagh Rugby League have issued a statement with regard to the recent loss of competition points by the Trangie Rugby League Football Club’s senior men’s team. 

The Trangie Magpies club president declined to comment on the matter when contacted by the Narromine News. 

“In relation to the recent loss of competition points by Trangie RLFC’s senior men’s team the Castlereagh League would like to make the following statement in an attempt to clarify any misunderstandings in regard to the matter,” the statement said.

“Prior to their Round 14 game against Dunedoo at Dunedoo on July 21, 2018 the Trangie team had accrued 17 competition points.


“In that match Trangie played unregistered players. Trangie RLFC admitted that this had happened and tendered an explanation as to how it happened that the players were unregistered.

“As indicated by Castlereagh League to the Trangie club the matter of the unregistered players, and the club’s explanation, would be referred to Country Rugby League for consideration, in other words Castlereagh League would not be making a decision on the matter.

“This was done and Country Rugby League deemed that Trangie should be penalised for playing unregistered players.

“The Country Rugby League rule in relation to a match involving unregistered players is that the offending side is regarded as having forfeited the game, and the non offending side is awarded the competition points for that match.

“Castlereagh League competition rules state that any club found guilty of playing unregistered players should lose four competition points. This rule has been in place since Castlereagh Rugby League was founded in 2001.

“The four competition points were deducted from the accrued total of 17 that Trangie had prior to the game against Dunedoo.