Young Farmers Challenge a success at the 113th annual Narromine Show a success, photos

This year the Narromine Show has bought a new competition into the fold, the Young Farmers Challenge.

The Narromine High School P&C have hosted the Narromine Agricultural Centre Farmers Challenge at this year’s 113th annual Narromine Show to promote agriculture at the school.

Entrants have proved their farm skills in the challenging event which Treasurer of the Narromine High School P&C Sharanne Turnbull said has been quite “entertaining”.

“The event’s quite popular at other shows and provides a bit of entertainment,” Ms Turnbull said.

“With the high school being an Agricultural school we push the Ag as hard as we can. We have a fantastic Ag teacher who’s helped us set all this up,” she said.

This year the Narromine High School P&C offered free entry into the event to do their bit, providing fun and entertainment for the community during the tough conditions.

“We’ve decided to do free entry because of the drought and everyone’s doing it tough and it’s just all about fun,” Ms Turnbull said.

The timed event consists of a range of farming challenges testing participants skill and ability.

Entrants begin the competition with a swag roll and move onto sorting five different grains. They then went onto a firewood challenge moving firewood through a tunnel and bringing it back to be stacked in the same pattern.  

Contestants then move sand using sandbags filling buckets. Participants need to use their knowledge of breeds to then complete a sheep, cattle and goat breed puzzle, which has 20 answers to five questions.

The challenge then moves onto a tyre stack, and onto an eating contest consisting of dry weetbix and a raw egg.

Teams then face a first aid challenge where there has been a snake bite victim, where entrants must use first aid to wrap the wound.

Finally groups must unlock a wool bale using one of six keys and roll the bale across the finish line where all team members must stand on top.

Ms Turnbull said while this is the “guinea pig year”, hopefully with enough entrants the Narromine High P&C will continue to run the event next year.