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FLYING HIGH: Australian National Aerobatics Championon Chris Sperou.
FLYING HIGH: Australian National Aerobatics Championon Chris Sperou.

NSW state aerobatic championships

Competition aerobatics is a very exacting sport which demands high levels of skill, discipline and concentration on flying. A predetermined sequence of manoeuvres is carried out in a small cube of airspace known as the ‘aerobatic box’. Pilots can fly at different levels of competition from Entry Level to Unlimited depending on their level of skill and the performance capabilities of their aircraft. Wednesday, September 12 until Sunday, September 16 all day - all day at Narromine Aerodrome

Compost as a catalyst for cropping

Free Field day on alternative fertilisers by encouraging recycling of Green Waste into Compost. Wednesday, September 12 from 9.30am - 3pm at Yarrajong Farm, Mungeribar Lane, Narromine. For more information call Liam Maynard on 0427 259 318.

Circle of security parenting series

Wednesday, September 12 from 6pm - 8.30pm at Community Skills, 139 Dandaloo Street. For more information Sharon Milnes, Communities for Children or Louise Simpson, Narromine Preschool on 0428 894 180 or 68891795.