Narromine Netball Club host Fairy Queen Ball for the club, photos

The Narromine Netball Club have hosted a Fairy Queen Ball to raise money for the club.

The 10-year-old girls from the club took part in the mini Deb, at the Narromine USMC hall, dancing the night away with their partners.

“The idea was for the the girls to be presented to a 'Fairy Queen' who crowns them as 'Fairy Princesses',” Club member Tash Edwards said.  


“All up we had seven girls and their partners and four junior Fairies who helped out on the night presenting gifts,” she said.

The girls danced away to three dances, and Ms Edwards said they all danced “beautifully”.  

Ms Edwards thanked Holly Monaghan who was the MC for the night, and Sue Dawson who was the fairy queen.

“Both did a fabulous job.”