Mungery annual picnic races 2018 a success despite the drought

Despite the howling drought thousands celebrated the October long weekend by dusting off their frocks and ironing out their shirts for the 94th annual AgFarm Mungery picnic races. 

Mungery Picnic Cup club secretary Sarah Masonwells said it was an “amazing day” out and a great way to enjoy a beer and a yarn, escaping from the stresses of the drought that has been plaguing the state.

“It was an amazing day, and we knew we would get a crowd but I think we were blown away with the support this year,” Mrs Masonwells said.


“The community out there know with the season we’re in it’s so important to stick together and get together. It helps people take their minds off things, even if it’s just for a day,” she said. 

Mrs Masonwells applauded the community, committee and sponsors for their hard work and support of the event. 

The community out there know with the season we’re in it’s so important to stick together and get together ... it helps people take their minds off things, even if it's just for a day.

Sarah Masonwells

“That community out there is amazing,” she said.

“Everybody gets hands on, everybody helps out, not everybody can get to working bees all the time, but everybody whether they’re a member of a club or a committee member everybody helps out before race day, on race day and after race day.”

“Our sponsors this year I was blown away with, I just didn’t think we would get the amount of sponsors we got this year, considering the drought.”

“Every business is affected by the drought and they still sponsored us, they were amazing.”

“Being the small club that we are, we literally cant race without them, we need them to fund us to race ... for prize money, to get everything so we thank the sponsors.”

“And the committee, there’s not many of us who are able to run a full bar like we do with voluntary committee members, so we’re pretty lucky,” she said.