Trangie Action Group host Go Fishing event at Goan Waterhole

Trangie’s littlest anglers have “gone fishin’” for the day down at the Waterhole. 

Almost 44 children and their parents gathered at the Goan Waterhole for a catch and release fishing competition on Saturday, October 27.

The event was hosted by the Trangie Action Group who secured a $2000 grant from Go Fishing NSW to put on the event for local children aged 15 years and under. 

Treasurer of the Trangie Action Group Andrew Cayzer said the event is now in its third year and was a “roaring success”.

“It's a really good day for the kids,” Mr Cayzer said.

“Every child gets a prize and like I said it is the third year we've done it and it was phenomenal.”


Mr Cayzer said the catch and release system is good because fish are put back into the waterway. 

“The kids caught 24 fish, eight carp, three turtles and a battery,” he said. 

While the event ran from 8am until 11am Mr Cayzer said he had reports of kids eager to head on back for more. 

“We only do it for a few hours so the kids don't loose interest,” Mr Cayzer said.

“One of the fathers thanked us for doing it but said the kids had so much fun doing it I took them home at lunchtime, and at 3pm they said ‘dad come on we’re going back fishing’”. 

Mr Cayzer is encouraging other towns to get on board and apply for a Go Fishing NSW grant for kids in other local communities. 

“[The Department of Primary Industries] do it every year and all towns can enter into it,” he said.