Men's Shed generosity shines as Victoria provide drought relief barbeque for Trangie

Men’s Shed generosity is flowing with drought barbeque

A Men’s Shed in Victoria have embraced the spirit of mateship, generously donating money to the community of Trangie to host a drought relief barbecue.

President of the Trangie Men’s Shed Doug Ferrari said generosity has flowed from the Drouin Men’s Shed, almost 938 kilometres south of Trangie, who have raised $1000 to host a barbecue to bring members of the community together, hoping to lift the town’s spirits. 

Mr Ferrari said it was the Prime Minister’s visits earlier this year which helped put Trangie on the map as one of the most drought-affected areas in the state.  

“You know how they picked Trangie,” Mr Ferrari said.

“It was because they were trying to work out some place to send it and they saw the Prime Minister came here twice.

“So they thought it must have been pretty bad here, so they thought we will try Trangie.”


The Trangie Men’s Shed will be purchasing all items for the barbecue including meat and drinks from businesses in the town to help stimulate the local economy, which Mr Ferrari said are also suffering as a result of the drought.  

“Everything we buy is going to be from Trangie, the beer and the meat and everything because hopefully that will help everyone in the town a bit,” Mr Ferrari said.

“It’s especially tough for businesses as well as for farmers,” he said. 

Mr Ferrari thanked the Drouin Men’s Shed and their president John Crosby for their generous donation, and said while spirits are beginning to lift with recent rainfall, and forecasts of more predicted rain the barbecue get together will add that extra bit of relief. 

“I think [spirits] are lifted a little bit now with the rain that’s helped a bit and it’s forecast this week,” Mr Ferrari said.

“[But] this certainly will help lift spirits,” he said. 

Members of the community affected by the drought in any way are invited to join members of the Trangie and Drouin Men’s Shed for the barbecue and social afternoon. 

“Anyone affected by the drought is welcome to attend including farmers, farm workers, truckies, contractors, businesses and partners,” Mr Ferrari said.

“Anyone affected in any way can rock up.” 

“I’ve ordered 100 steaks and 150 sausages so hopefully we get enough to eat them,” he said.

The barbecue will be hosted at the Trangie Men’s Shed in Dandaloo Street, Trangie on Tuesday, November 13 from 4pm. 

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