Narromine Steve Roberts to host presentation to trek Kokoda

Former Narromine resident and exercise physiologist Steve Roberts has trekked the Kokoda trail eight times within the last decade and now hopes to take others from the Narromine Shire to complete the 96-kilometre track. 

Roberts will be in Narromine to host an information evening about his experiences and will show residents how they can get on board trekking this piece of history. 

“The purpose of my trip to Narromine is to catch up with some old friends, but also introduce Kokoda to people who have never seen it or heard about it before or haven’t really had information about how to get fit for it or what’s involved,” Roberts said. 

Roberts, owner of fitness business Taurus Trainer, said walking the track is a goal many people usually strive to achieve but are concerned of the impact it will have on them both physically or mentally. 

Through Taurus Trainer he aims to get people fit and healthy to achieve that goal they’re striving toward. 

“I’ve got a real passion for the outback, I’m from the country myself so its nice to get out and offer an event that people can go to that’s different to going to the club, having a beer and a counter meal,” Roberts said. 

“At least six months out I get people to start doing some preparation and that could be as simple as a couple of walks a week for half and hour.”

“Then 12 weeks out is when the program starts and we start more of the pack walking and the resistance training program so people are fit and conditioned by the time they get over to the track.”

“Each week there’s a gradual increase in intensity and the weight of the pack that they carry for training increases as well, so that the load they are feeling through their hips and body is going to be similar to what they’ll be carrying over in New Guinea.”

Roberts said two weeks before clients will be tested remotely and must reach a pass mark before embarking to Kokoda. 

For Roberts taking people to Papua New Guinea and sharing war stories he hopes will offer people a sense of appreciation for life in Australia. 

“I get a lot out of going to Kokoda myself because I get a new feeling of that’s who I am, and sets me apart from what I experience in the present world,” Roberts said. 

“Its an amazing story of bravery and what they did to save our country. You can never be as grateful as you can be until you pass on the stories. 

The group will travel across the 96-kilometre track over six days, for minimal disruption. 

“So people I take over need to be fit and be prepared we will be walking all day, we’ll be stopping at significant battle sites for briefings and for rests, but we are on the move.”

‘Fast Track Kokoda – The Legend’ presented by Steve Roberts will be at the Narromine USMC on Friday, November 16 at 7pm. 

To book tickets RSVP to Steve at or call 0439 533 937 .