Faith and Life | The divine nature

I was impressed by the power, torque and technology of the RS1200 BMW motorcycle (2018) as the son-in-law showed me the features.

I am also impressed by his good nature.

Power I have always appreciated in a motorcycle having owned a couple of them in my time.

And like any high power to weight vehicle with a high degree of  vulnerability I was reminded  in time past to be careful, by parents and friends, to not end up as a ‘temporary Australian.’

Now the Good Book speaks of God having qualities that are beyond our comprehension – ‘eternal power and divine nature.’ 

What does this description mean about God? 

They indicate He has no limitation around His power and His nature is a stand out like no other – it is divine.

This eternal power and divine nature are seen in the creation, an imprint of God’s glory to be viewed with eyes and heart that see. 

Creation displays to us that life comes from life. 

We see in the universe an exhibition of God’s power. It is eternal power for God is eternal.

We all appreciate mercy, kindness, patience, thoughtfulness, love and goodness in people.

To be these things and experience these things is life giving. 

Like the simple act of letting someone into the traffic flow on a major road through Sydney from a side street during peak hour.

There is a bit of mercy, a bit of kindness, a bit of patience, thoughtfulness, love and goodness in the act.  It was appreciated.

These qualities of a person reflect a little of the divine nature of God in our nature and fully so in the person of Jesus who was the embodiment of the divine - God and man. 

Christmas remembers the coming of the divine amongst us.

Malcolm Rankin