Hear our Hearts checks up on children at the Narromine Preschool

The little ears of Narromine preschoolers have been thoroughly checked after the Hear Our Hearts bus visited on Thursday, November 29.

The Hear Our Hearts project has been popular among a number of communities in the central west, which seeks to provide ongoing ear checks to children in the community.


Hearing Support at Hear our Hearts, Virginia Redenbach said the bus visits the Preschool four times a year to maintain healthy ears and review children who may have need to be referred for grommets surgery. 

“I am thrilled to report that a significant amount of the retests have now passed due to daily nose blowing done at the Preschool thanks to teaching staff and parents at home,” Ms Redenbach said.

“A big thank you and well done to the staff of Narromine Preschool and parents,” she said. 

Narromine Shire mayor Craig Davies and Deputy mayor Dawn Collins visited the preschool during their visit to see how the bus was helping children in the shire. 

“We were thrilled that the mayor and deputy mayor visited and will take our cause back to the Narromine Council to see what or if they can assist us in what we are doing in their schools,” Ms Redenbach said. 

“Hopefully they will be able to assist us with some funding or grants through partnership programs in the new year,” she said.  

The Hear Our Heart Ear Bus Project is a product of local charity from Dubbo District Deaf Club and is funded on donations and volunteers.