Narromine Shire Council undertaking survey to gauge the food and garden organics service

Residents will have the opportunity to provide feedback about how they are using the shire's waste services, when the Narromine Shire Council undertake a survey. 

Both telephone and online surveys will begin on Monday, March 18 across the region to discover the community's understanding of the council's waste services, in particular the food and garden organics service. 


The Narromine Shire Council along with Dubbo Regional Council and Mid-Western Regional Council introduced the new waste service in 2018 as part of a three-council collaboration.

The councils are members of NetWaste, a regional waste organisation that facilitates a collaborative approach to waste management for 26 councils in central western NSW.

Eight months since the service started, the three councils are now undertaking a survey to gauge how practices surrounding garden organics waste and food waste disposal have changed, and to understand of how this new bin service is being utilised.

Narromine Shire General Manager Jane Redden said the community surveys are a valuable way of gathering input from residents not only on their current waste practices but also their thoughts on trying to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

“The survey provides an opportunity for councils to seek feedback from residents on what they do with their organic garden and food waste and how they are using the new organics waste service”, she said.

“The survey can be completed online, or a number of residents will receive a phone call from our contractor conducting the survey.”

“We are hoping to speak with approximately 500 residents from each council area.

"We need good participation to gain a clear idea of how the service is going.”

The survey period will take place from March 18 to 23.

To participate in the online survey residents can visit the council’s website during the survey period.