Trangie FRNSW Firefighter Championship team enhance skills to benefit community

Trangie's Australia Day sportspersons of the year continued to show their proficiency at the Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) Regional Firefighter Championships in Armidale last month. 

The two-day competition tested the skills, professionalism and training of regional firefighters, with events simulating fire and rescue situations.

Retained firefighters from 15 brigades across NSW from as far as Broken Hill to Port Macquarie converged on the event at Jack Valance Oval.

Trangie FRNSW Firefighter Championship team consisting of captain Tony Terry, Mark Haines, John Terry and Wade Haines secured a fifth place overall and took home a first place in the rescue event, completing the challenge in just 43 seconds. 


Deputy Captain Wade Haines said competing in these events helped strengthen their firefighting abilities, not just for themselves, but for the community. 

"We all do it for our community, that's why we are in the fire service, and everything we do at these events is to help benefit our community further," he said.

"The challenges are all based around everyday practices that we do as firefighters, so it hones in on our skills in an under pressure situation, because it is competitive and timed.

"A win's great obviously, so having that competitive nature does hone in on your skills more, and when we do have a call, we have to use our skills."

Trangie has been competing at every state and regional championship for almost 35 years, and Deputy Captain Haines said the current team worked together well. 

"We really bounce off each other and have a good morale," he said.

"Because we all work together at the fire station and have been competing for the last five years together we all know each others strengths and weaknesses.

"We are a very good clique, and obviously it shows because we do get some results."

The team will head to the regional championships in Wyong on May 4 and 5, and have also been invited to compete in the Australasian Firefighting Championships to be held in Tamworth in October after securing fifth place in the NSW Firefighter Championships in Dubbo late last year. 

The brigade will compete against a number of international teams and groups from across Australia.

"Two years ago we were invited to the same Championships in New Zealand and competed over there ... it was an amazing experience for us," Deputy Captain Haines said.