Narromine Police pleased with outcome of Operation Tortoise 2019

Narromine police pleased with Easter long weekend road operation

Narromine police are praising driver behaviour, with no fatalities recorded on the district's roads during the Easter holiday period.

A state-wide road safety operation has resulted in a higher presence of police on regional roads, who have targeted unsafe driving and alcohol-fuelled crime during the Easter long weekend.

Operation Tortoise started on Thursday and will end at midnight, tonight.

Since 12am on Thursday, April 18 April Police in the Narromine Sector have been conducting random alcohol and drug testing as part of the statewide traffic operation.

During the local operation only one positive test for alcohol was detected, and there were no positive tests for illicit drugs.


On Thursday, April 18 at about 10.20pm a 32-year-old Narromine man was stopped in Third Avenue, returning a positive roadside breath test. The driver was taken to Narromine Police Station where it is alleged he returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.086. The man was charged with mid range PCA and had his driver's licence suspended.

On Sunday, April 21 at about 10pm police were conducting traffic duties in Dandaloo Street, Narromine when they sighted a 23-year-old Narromine man wanted on outstanding warrants ride past them. Following a short chase the man was arrested and taken to Dubbo Police Station where he was refused bail.

Narromine Police Sergeant Michael Smith said he was pleased with the operation and that no major accidents occurred on the district's roads.

"To be out there doing these tests and only having to arrest and charge one person with a drink driving offence, indicates to me that the vast majority of people are being responsible and making wise choices with regards to being fit to get behind the wheel, which is overall very pleasing," he said.

Sergeant Smith is reminding people another road safety operation will follow on from the Easter long weekend period.

Operation Go Slow will start on Wednesday April 24 until Sunday, April 28 during the Anzac Remembrance period and will target unsafe driving, alcohol and drug driving and the use of distraction devices such as mobile phones.

Narromine police will also be highly visible at the Anzac Day community events, and later around local licensed premises. Police will be targeting alcohol related crime and anti social behavior.

"Police will not tolerate any incidents of violent or anti social behaviour and won't hesitate to issue penalty notices or court attendance notices for those who want to ruin the day for others," Sergeant Smith said.

Double demerits will apply from Wednesday to Sunday.