Trangie Action Group host kids kite making and flying day

All eyes were on the sky on Sunday as Trangie community members flew their handmade kites at the Trangie Action Groups' kids kite flying day.

Over 40 people young and old, from the community came along to help the kids decorate their kites, then fly them around the Alan Burns Oval.

Treasurer of the Trangie Action Group Andrew Cayzer said the committee was really pleased watching the kids enjoy an activity popular in their pastimes.


"It was a really good day, we had great fun and we had kids still flying their kites at 5pm at night," Mr Cayzer said.

"The kids coloured all the faces of their kites and then we had a bit of a production line going making the kites with the kids.

It was a really good day, we had great fun and we had kids still flying their kites at 5pm at night.

Trangie Action Group treasurer, Andrew Cayzer

"But even the tiniest of kids, from three or four-year-olds, were running around with their kites up and flying and there were no tears."

Mr Cayzer said a light breeze swept through on Sunday, making it perfect weather for kite flying.

"We only had one fly off and it's still stuck in the tree at the park," he said.

At the end of the day, the children were able to take home their kites to continue practising their flying skills.

"It was really good and very successful and we've plenty of good feedback from the community," Mr Cayzer said.

"We're definitely going to do it again, probably into the summer weather we'll have another go it was really good."

The Trangie Action Group was formed to benefit the community, and provide activities for the town's youth.

Mr Cayzer said the committee will next look to securing funding from Go Fishing NSW to host a catch and release fishing day for the children in October.

"The Action Group is for the benefit for the town, we're building the murals, but we're also trying to put more and more things on for the kids, to get the kids involved," Mr Cayzer said.

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