Problem waste is being found in kerbside bins in Narromine

 A Community Recycling Centre, 1 of the 80 Community Recycling Centres in NSW.

A Community Recycling Centre, 1 of the 80 Community Recycling Centres in NSW.

Recent kerbside bin audits conducted by the council have found household batteries are being placed in kerbside bins.

Kerbside bins in the Narromine Shire Council area, cater for non-hazardous waste produced by the home including recycling, organics and general rubbish. However, some things don't belong in any kerbside bin.

Batteries are classified as household problem waste, along with paint, smoke detectors, oils, car batteries, fluoro globes and tubes, gas bottles and fire extinguishers.


These items should not be placed in kerbside bins as they contaminate recycling streams or release toxic substances into landfill sites that are harmful to the environment and community.

Community Recycling Centres are permanent drop-off centres for household problem wastes. Local councils operate these centres in partnership with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) at 80 locations across NSW.

Residents can drop off household problem waste at these centres year-round, free of charge.

Narromine Shire Council General Manager Jane Redden said the council are always working toward a more sustainable future with waste management and recycling.

"Auditing our waste streams regularly, helps us understand what opportunities exist to reduce contamination and improve the recovery of recyclable materials," she said.

"Community Recycling Centres support residents to dispose or recycle their problem wastes properly, keeping these hazardous items out of landfill."

There is a Community Recycling Centre located at the Whylandra Waste and Recycling Centre on Cooba Road in Dubbo.