The ARTC will begin meeting with affected landowners in the Narromine section

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) will begin meeting with affected landowners in the Narromine section of the Inland Rail project to determine the final rail corridor.

The ARTC has confirmed its focus area, which has been reduced to about 150-400 metres wide.

While initially up to 300 landowners were impacted by the 307 kilometre study corridor between Narromine and Narrabri, that number has been reduced to 180.

Inland Rail director of engagement, environment and property Rebecca Pickering said they will begin to meet with affected landowners face-to-face.

"We want to have this meeting with landowners up front," she said.

"This process will take some time, and we will start meeting with affected landowners in the second half of July. Because of the number this process could take a number of months."

Ms Pickering said they are hoping to work with landowners to refine the design, and will have members of the technical team on board to help.


Narromine to Narrabri (N2N) is one of 13 projects that complete Inland Rail and comprises approximately 300 kilometres of new track. It is the longest project within Inland Rail.

In November 2017 the Australian government confirmed the study area for the Narromine to Narrabri section, which in Narromine was about two kilometres wide in some areas, and hooks around the south-eastern edge of Narromine taking in part of High Park and Villeneuve.

Ms Pickering said the ARTC Inland Rail is committed to respecting the privacy of landowners and will publish the design and technical reports following the completion of engagement activities.