Horoscopes week beginning August 18

Horoscopes week beginning August 18

ARIES: The next seven weeks sees the emergence of challenging trends that interfere with Aries' chosen direction in life and career path. You will find it particularly difficult in dealing with authority figures such as employers and police. Whilst this is frustrating, it is best not to respond in a knee-jerk reaction, as this tends to create further problems.

TAURUS: Legal matters, educational issues, travel, publicity, and foreign conditions tend to be hugely problematic for Taurus until early October. Unforeseen problems have the potential to limit your options, create a great deal of stress and impact on your health, so avoidance of potentially problematic situations is advisable. Avoid risk-ridden places.

GEMINI: Daunting financial challenges cross the paths of Gemini individuals during the next seven weeks, so it is important to protect your assets and minimise risk in your investments. Don't act on impulse in these matters and ensure that you are thorough in your research of partnerships, and of conditions and people to whom you would entrust your money and personal information.

CANCER: Life tends to be spoiled by the stresses that develop during the next seven weeks. These may emerge in relation to your dealings with employers and partners, but could also be associated with domestic pressures on your spouse. It is important to get your priorities right during this time; this may be a difficult task but not an impossible one.

LEO: Work and health matters are the areas of greatest concern to Leo individuals during the next seven weeks. It is important that you work within your personal capacity and keep stress to a manageable level. If employed in risky environments, ensure that safety procedures are followed and that your attention does not lapse.

VIRGO: Virgo may find it difficult to cope with the daily schedules involving children in their lives, whether these are matters connected to your own children, or in a work capacity. Unexpected events are likely to cause upsets around these matters, calling on Virgo to be extra alert. Romance tends to be disappointing then, lacking commitment or togetherness.

LIBRA: Libran homes tend to be the subject of trends of unusual or unexpected disturbance during the next seven weeks, so ensure your home and contents insurance is comprehensive and up to date. It is also important to keep on top of security matters. Domestic relationships may be strained during this period, and is an area you'll need to work on.

SCORPIO: Travel, especially of the local variety, and vehicles are likely to be problematic in Scorpion lives in the time until October 4. Ensure your vehicle is maintained and don't take unnecessary risks when travelling. It only takes a moment's distraction to land you in a difficult situation, whether in an accident or in police involvement.

SAGITTARIUS: Financial security seems to be under threat during the time until early October, with potential loss or cuts in your main source of income. There seems to be some irregularity in these matters, which may be that expected payments are late or work is erratic. This is not a good period in which to take risks, such as gambling.

CAPRICORN: Financial or domestic stress seems to impact on Capricorn natives during the next seven weeks, perhaps causing you to put some of your goals on a backburner for the time being. Whilst this may be frustrating, it is important that you roll with the punches then. Gradually, you will find a way around the obstacles that stand in your way.

AQUARIUS: Aquarius seems to be caught in a state of extreme discontent during the next seven weeks, unable to relay their feelings to other people. For some reason, an inhibition exists, perhaps through fear of what others may think. However, you seem to be blowing a situation out of proportion as the problems appear to emanate from within yourself and not with others.

PISCES: Friendships and the validity of goals are tested during the next seven weeks, especially on September 1-5, 10-16. A friend may suddenly leave your life or a goal may be quickly shelved as being too problematic. However, you do need to find a way through these tensions, as similar issues continue to arise over the next few years. Best days are August 23-30, September 8-11, 18-21.

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