Sixty Mobile Masons visit Narromine to support the shire

The Narromine economy has been given a welcome boost thanks to 60 Freemasons who are currently in town dining at restaurants and enjoying activities the town has to offer.

The NSW and ACT Mobile Mason group are spending 14 days in the shire, purchasing and donating locally to the shire.

The group has been staying at the Narromine Rockwall tourist park, and owners Eddie and Michelle McPhee said it has been "a pleasure" to host the travellers.

"We feel very privileged as well," Mrs McPhee said.

"It's very good for the town."


President Derrick Peters and secretary Bill Hazel said the group, which meets once a year decided to go inland and support a town that has been doing it tough.

"We only meet once a year because we've got some living up on the north coast and some living out west and down here at Tullimore and so we all meet once a year and try to have one on the coast and one inland," Mr Peters said.

Last year the group visited Huskisson on the shores of Jarvis Bay where they spent almost $30,000 in the community purchasing food, drinks and accommodation.

"We wanted to come out to the country and one of our spies came here and got a good report. We wanted to bring some of our money out from the city into the country," Mr Hazel said.

The club is made up of men who are active Freemasons. Their motto is "we make good men out of me, and better men out of good men," the president and secretary explained.

"It's not a religion as many people think it is, because we have people who are Muslim, Jewish, believe in Buddhism, Catholic, Anglican, Baptist you name it, who are all members," the president explained.

"Every talk is moralistic," Mr Hazel said.

"You must be good standing in the community and you must believe in a supreme being, that's why we all have different religions because it's their religion, we don't try to change anyone.

"We don't talk religion in the centre at all and we don't talk politics.

"Those two things are forbidden to talk about."

The club also work among themselves to raise money for local charities.