Return and Earn Narromine: NSW EPA comments on future plans

There are no plans for any Return and Earn reverse vending machines to be installed in western NSW.

A third Return and Earn point was announced for Dubbo recently. There are already two reverse vending machines planned for the city and a bulk container deposit centre will open on Monday.

It will have the capacity to process about 100,000 containers per day.

In Narromine, containers can be returned to the Courthouse Hotel. Almost 400,000 containers have been deposited since July 2018.

In Warren they can be returned to JC's Cotton Cafe and Takeaway - and almost 700,000 already have - while in Nyngan, those who want to claim their 10 cents per container can go to the Australian Hotel between 11am and 3pm.

Since December 2017, more than 3.2 million containers have been returned in Nyngan alone. It includes 2.8 million returned between July and December 2018.


In Cobar, there's an hour on Tuesday and Thursdays when they can be deposited at ECU Enterprises and then selected hours on the weekends.

Cobar residents have also embraced the scheme with more than 1.5 million returns.

Return and Earn describes the collections points as "best for small quantities, up to 100 containers".

When asked if there were plans for a reverse vending machine to be installed in either Nyngan, Cobar, Warren or Narromine, a spokesperson for the NSW Environment Protection Authority couldn't give a definite answer.

"Network operator TOMRA Cleanaway is responsible for establishing and managing the return point network and is now working to optimise it to ensure that return point locations are providing good community access and that there aren't any service gaps across NSW," the spokesperson said.

"Ensuring the sustainability of the program can include moving reverse vending machines to areas that require infrastructure to service growing community requirements."

There are currently 640 return points across Australia. In total, more than 2.3 billion containers have been returned.