Development in Narromine brings a welcome boost

IN PROGRESS: The Narromine Skypark Residential Estate development is currently underway. Photo: CONTRIBUTED
IN PROGRESS: The Narromine Skypark Residential Estate development is currently underway. Photo: CONTRIBUTED

Skypark and the Narromine aviation precinct is well underway, and Narromine shire mayor Craig Davies said it's all part of the council's plan to help inject millions into the drought-stricken community.

Residents in Narromine would have noticed the ongoing civil works at the Aerodrome. Works include the development of 27 residential blocks with taxiway access in Skypark and 22 aviation-related industrial blocks, a new sewer well, access road and taxiway.

Narromine shire mayor Craig Davies said the project, which is using local contractors was progressing "exceptionally" well.

"As you can see a lot of work has been done out there, there's been a lot of piping put in, a lot of civil engineering work has been carried out by contractors, the roads are pretty much in place now," he said.

"Very simply, it's going to bring jobs to the shire."


The new industrial blocks are for aviation related businesses including tourism, aircraft repairs, avionics, agricultural uses, logistics, training and hangarage.

Cr Davies said the project would not only make Narromine an aviation hub, but has already received both inter-state and international interest with people wanting to invest in regional areas.

"We have interest in the Skypark blocks already, and we do also have significant, international interest for blocks in the commercial blocks at the aerodrome," he said.

"Unfortunately the cornavirus has delayed a group of Korean companies who have indicated to us that at first opportunity they will be establishing businesses in the shire, one of those is the equivalent of our CSIRO and they have some geological research programs they would undertake from a site at the aerodrome."

Cr Davies explained these developments, along with the 16-large scale residential blocks on Dappo Road approved at the December council meeting, and the establishment of 45 aged care properties on the Tomingley Road would inject millions into the local community.

"We've had the three driest years in white man's history, and [the council] have pressed ahead as hard as we can to get development happening," he said.

"What we're trying to do [as a council] is bring industry into our shire that is basically drought-proofed, so that in particular our retail sector, which has been hammered by the drought is not put in this position again.

"We're trying to introduce different industries into the shire that will, to the extent that they can negate the effects of drought in future years, because it is important for our retail sector to be viable at all times. That's been one of the real focus points of the council over the last three and a half years."