First case of COVID-19 confined in Narromine shire

There has been one confirmed case of COVID-19 in the Narromine shire.

The Western NSW Local Health District confirmed this morning that the person is in home isolation.

Western NSW Local Health District executive officer Scott McLachlan said no community is immune to coronavirus so everyone should take precautions.

On Wednesday he implored people to stop focusing on identifying where the cases were and continue to follow the social distancing and hygiene practices.

"My message to everyone is that you should be concerned regardless if it's Bultje Street [in Dubbo] or Market Street in Mudgee. Regardless of whether there's confirmed case in your community or not, take the same precautions, take it seriously," he said.

"This is something that we'll solve as a region together. There's no doubt this will get worse before it gets better."

Mr McLachlan said no community was immune to the virus and people should be practising social distancing, washing their hands regularly and avoiding unnecessary contact with people outside of their homes.

"We know a lot of people are being tested in our community and we're putting a lot of support around those people. We're first of all making sure that the care of people with confirmed cases is absolute priority. All of those cases are at home and doing well, and in recovery," he said.

"The people around them who have had contact with them, we've made contact with them. We've talked to them about the things they can do to keep themselves safe, but also about the things they can do to support people around them."

The chief executive acknowledged it was a scary time for people and their families.

Mr McLachlan said health services had been "scaled up" to deal with an increase in demand.

"Please, if you're concerned about your health go and see your GP, call Health Direct, and if it is really serious, please come to the local hospital," he said.