The Informer: Clive Palmer v Twisted Sister: ding, ding

One is a hair metal star, the other an Australian politician-businessman. They're going head-to-head in Federal Court.
One is a hair metal star, the other an Australian politician-businessman. They're going head-to-head in Federal Court.

In 2020 of all years it seems almost reasonable that it was the anthemic spruiking of Twisted Sister resounding through the Federal Court today.

Well, really - why not?

Part rock, part glam but never short of a good to-camera pose, the hair metal band never took themselves particularly seriously yet it is their record company, Universal Music, which is suing businessman and former politician Clive Palmer for alleged copyright infringement.

Part of the band's most famous "tune" - We're Not Gonna Take It- were allegedly used by Mr Palmer's United Australia Party in federal election advertisements in 2019 without a licence or paying the associated fee.

The proceedings were filed in February last year and the five-day trial will be conducted online. It should make for a pain-free distraction this week as the hearing continues.

Of course there was kerfuffle elsewhere - even in Victoria after the easing of restrictions. Premier Daniel Andrews continued his respectfully cloaked digs at the federal government - this time over the arrival of Kiwis to the garden state.

"People turned up without us knowing. People turned up without the WA government knowing. People turned up, I assume, without the Tasmanian government knowing," Mr Andrews said on Monday.

But alas, the entire country is now open to Kiwis - they just need to comply with the various states' restrictions to be able to go about their business.

Mr Andrews also took a swipe at federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg who repeated his call for Victoria to open up more quickly.

"It's all about the politics with this bloke, isn't it? That's all he does. He is not a leader, he is just a Liberal," Mr Andrews said.

Melbourne recorded four new coronavirus cases on Monday, with one fatality. That took the state's death toll to 817 and the national figure to 905.

NSW recorded no new local coronavirus cases in the past 24-hour period, as the state announced it would press on with easing restrictions after last week's delay.

On the other side of the world, the impending onset of winter in the northern hemisphere has fuelled a resurgence in the spread of coronavirus.

Globally, it took just 32 days to go from 30 million global cases to 40 million, where we now stand.

The United States, India, and Brazil remain the worst affected-countries in the world. COVID-19 cases in North, Central, and South America represent about 47.27 per cent or nearly half of global cases.

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