Narromine Fire and Rescue NSW first training drills since COVID-19

Firefighters from Narromine Fire and Rescue NSW have brushed up their skills with two training nights.

These were the first large scale drills FRNSW has been allowed to conduct during COVID-19 after restrictions were recently lifted.

The BA semi trailer visited Narromine station 401 on October 18.

While it may have looked like a regular semi trailer, fold out stairs on the side of the truck were entry to a mock granny flat where Narromine firefighters got a chance to practice their skills.


The truck is filled with artificial smoke, and firefighters, wearing their full gear including breathing apparatus, must locate and save dummies which are strategically placed inside the mock house.

Narromine captain Ewen Jones said this is one of two trailers which visit stations once a year to help keep skills up to date.

"This is the best possible real life training you could ever hope for," he said.

He said the trailers are also used at significant incidents, both for fires, including the recent horrendous bushfires and hazmat incidents as they are equipped with an air cylinder.

The FRNSW hazmat vehicle from Dubbo Fire Station was also bought out to the Narromine aerodrome on October 19.

Dubbo FRNSW deputy captain Peter Ryan and retained firefighter Phil Lindley demonstrated and explained the correct procedures for crews to follow until the hazmat crew arrive.

The variety of equipment carried on the hazmat vehicle was also shown to the crew, so they are were aware of its capability.

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