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What to keep in mind when preparing for Father's Day 2022

What to keep in mind when preparing for Father's Day 2022

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With Mother's Day just gone, Father's Day might seem like a distant thought, a speck on the horizon that you'll have plenty of time to prepare for. Whilst it may seem that way, much like any other holiday or event, it has a tendency to sneak up on you.

So, it's truly never too early to start putting together celebration plans and sourcing the best Father's Day gifts in Australia to make sure your dad has the best Father's Day yet.

But, what exactly do you get your dear old Dad? Would an adaptly written card with a string of sentimental lines be enough to complement a gift voucher? And, with the months leading up to the big day, how exactly do you ensure you're utilising that time well, to find a gift that is good enough?

Whether you've started to formulate an idea, or you're lost without a clue, read on for what to keep in mind in the lead up to Father's Day this year.

The gift of a getaway

With several months until the big day, now is the perfect time to get some more ambitious or large-scale present ideas sorted. Some examples? After two years of various lockdowns and working from home, why not give dad a holiday? Taking a trip with your dad may be the perfect gift idea for any father who wants quality time above all else.

Now it doesn't even have to be a big, extravagant European adventure for your dad to appreciate the sentiment of this particular experiential gift idea either. It could even be as simple as a family road trip to one of his favourite nearby weekend destinations.

As Father's Day lands at the start of spring, as the weather is warming up, sending him away to somewhere by the water for some fishing, reading, or simply some much-needed rest and relaxation time is the ultimate gift you could give him. You'll definitely be the child of the year with this particular gift idea.

Other experiential gift ideas

No time to travel? Other experiential gift ideas that require a little more planning than just your standard supermarket card and a voucher are tickets to a concert, or reservations for a nice dinner, depending on your dad's particular interests.

Whilst there may not be concert tickets that fall right on Father's Day, you can still definitely surprise dad with the tickets on the day itself. Chances are he'll definitely appreciate the gesture, alongside the fact that he won't have to worry about having to sit through months of pre-show anticipation, given he's finding out about it so late!

Similarly, reservations for a special dinner are absolutely the kind of thing that requires a little bit of forethought, when it comes closer to Father's Day weekend. Thankfully, as you're preparing for the big day nice and early, you'll likely have the first pick of bookings at all of dad's favourite restaurants and eateries.

And if dad prefers a personal touch over the finer things in life, then why not cook for dad this Father's Day instead? With plenty of time to prepare, you can get to work outlining a dinner menu for the big day that's packed full of all of dad's favourite foods! Chances are he'll appreciate the whole family coming together to cater to him alone on his own special day.

Sentimental presents

The perfect way to show your dad that you love him this Father's Day is with a sentimental gift. In truth, a sentimental gift idea could really be anything that's likely to make your dad smile, but you may get brownie points for thinking about your dad's interests, hobbies, or even beloved memories shared between the two of you when putting this present together.

For example, you could use these next few months in the lead-up to Father's Day to curate a video with your siblings where you each go around and talk about your best moments with your dad, be they the funniest memories, memorable dad quotes or dad jokes, or maybe even sadder moments that brought you all together. Editing this all together will be an incredible present that he will no doubt cherish forever.

Alternatively, if you are an only child, you can opt to create a video in which you record a message to your dad by craftily getting him to say a selection of words and then editing them all together to create raucously funny results. You could even include beloved family photos or old family videos in your own video gift to create a snapshot in time.

Finally, if video editing isn't your thing, you could make a scrapbook complete with photos and keepsakes, or any other homemade gift ideas that are sure to make dad feel nostalgic.

Whatever you decide to do, it truly is the thought that counts and your dad will undoubtedly cherish your months of hard work forever. Yes, this is a present that will take months to make, but he will surely love it for years and years to come.


Finally, although Father's Day is still months away, there's no reason why you can't just begin to spoil dad right now anyway. Make an effort to spend quality time with him, and maybe even take him out for tea or coffee here and there, so you can both connect in a meaningful way and on a consistent basis, as well as do a little extra sleuthing here and there to ensure that your Father's Day gift is as poised to please as it can possibly be!