Narromine News
With a strong community focus, the staff of the Narromine News is out in the community writing about happenings within.

The rural community surrounding this town rely on this weekly paper to provide not just local news items but to look at happenings from outside the area that will affect them and to investigate the impact of these issues on their daily lives.

Narromine is a quiet town nestled amongst the trees on the banks of the Macquarie River, just 30 minutes drive from Dubbo and is well known for the production of oranges.

Narromine has many small industries operating, but of significance are fruit and vegetable growing, sheep and cattle grazing and also a cropping industry of wheat, oats and cotton. Farms in the Narromine area have won contracts with large national fast food manufacturers for the supply of tomatoes and lettuce.

In the sporting arena, Narromine is known to be the nurturing centre for young up and coming sport stars, with the likes of Melinda Gainsford-Taylor and Glenn McGrath growing up in the area.

Major towns in distribution area include Narromine, Trangie, Nevertire, Tottenham, Tomingley.