Trangie according to the census


The average person in Trangie is a married male, with 2.1 children, owns his own house and has two vehicles on average.

This is according to census data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

According to the ABS, males make up majority of the 1425 population with 52.1 per cent, this is three per cent higher than the Australian total. On census night 744 people marked themselves as male, and 683 (47.9 per cent) marked themselves as female, this is less than the Australian total which is at 49.3 per cent. 

There is a significantly higher population of people who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander according to the ABS. Australia wide just 2.8 per cent of people identify as indigenous, where as 18.9 per cent (270) identify themselves as indigenous in Trangie. 

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The average age of a Trangie resident is 44 years old, this is six years old than the average Australian. There are 79 people in the 40 to 44 year-old age bracket in Trangie. The highest age bracket by numbers however is the 60 to 69 year age bracket, there are 114 people in this bracket making 8 per cent. The second highest is the zero to four years bracket where there are 107 people, 7.5 per cent. 

Almost half the population of Trangie is currently married, with 46.4 per cent (528 people) saying their currently married. This is below the Australian average however with 48.1 per cent of Aussies saying their married. The rest of Trangie is made up of never married (32.5 per cent), widowed (8.8 per cent), divorced (7.3 per cent) and separated (4.9 per cent). 

Of the 528 people who say their married 432 (46.3) people say their marriage is registered where as 106 people (11.3 per cent) are in a de facto marriage.