Burnt out car found on Cale Oval | Photos

With an increase in vandalism occurring in the Shire the Narromine Shire Council are urging residents to report any unusual activity or behaviour, not only to stop vandals but also minimise the cost of vandalism to the community.

Narromine Shire Council have said that this financial year, tens of thousands of dollars have been spent repairing vandalised and damaged areas around the Shire.

“It is not fair on rate payers and business owners that these people continue to damage areas within the Shire,” Narromine Shire General Manager Jane Redden said.

“From burning bins, soft fall and vehicles in parks to breaking windows and ruining sporting grounds, it just isn’t stopping, and the costs just keep climbing.

“It is time for the residents to stand together and begin to report these incidents to try and catch the vandals” she said.

Council has a Rewards Policy in place to try and minimise the increasing costs of vandalism where the community is encouraged to report vandalism as soon as possible.

The objectives of the policy are to:

  • Encourage community members to report information about vandals to the NSW Police Force.
  • Reduce acts of vandalism on Council property by increasing the risk of detection and apprehension.
  • Encourage a coordinated approach between the NSW Police Force, Council and the Narromine Shire community to address the issues of vandalism.
  • Strengthen community pride.
  • Emphasise to our community that vandalism is an act of crime. 

The policy offers a reward (a maximum of $5000) to persons providing information on vandalism to Council owned or managed property. The reward is payable for information leading to legal action being taken: criminal proceeding resulting in a convictions, finding of guilt or offence, formal caution/warning issued by a NSW Police Force office, a juvenile justice conference administered under the Young Offenders Act 1997.

 Narromine Shire Council Mayor Craig Davies supports the policy hoping it will help deter incidences of crime within the Shire.

“The rewards policy is a great encouragement for locals to ‘Dob in a vandal’ and to put a stop to vandalism in our Shire,” Councillor Davies said.

“You could see yourself up to $5,000 richer just for reporting an act of vandalism.

“The cost of vandalism is taking away funds that could be used to help the community rather than repairing malicious damage by vandals” he said.

Anyone with any information are urged to contact the police.


Havoc has swept across Narromine on Tuesday night with a series of incidents taking place. 

At approximately 11.30pm emergency services were called to Cale Oval in Narromine where a red motor vehicle was found alight under the southern end goal posts.  

There also appears to be tyre damage to the Junior League ovals, the off the leash area at Rotary Park, and significant damage to the gates at Payton Park behind the sports centre.