Narromine's Susie Rae royally excited about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's visit to Dubbo

ROYAL MATES: Susie Rae with Camilla enjoying a drink at the Mungery races. Photo: ZAARKACHA MARLAN
ROYAL MATES: Susie Rae with Camilla enjoying a drink at the Mungery races. Photo: ZAARKACHA MARLAN

“Long may they reign, and hopefully they will bring some rain.”

That’s the sentiment expressed by Narromine’s Susie Rae who is royally excited as Dubbo prepares to host the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Wednesday. 

While it’s raining at the moment Ms Rae, said she is only disappointed the couple didn’t choose her farm to visit. 

“They would have had a hoot and I could have played ‘God Save the Queen’ on the pianola, and they could have collected fresh eggs from Cluckingham Palace, and rolled on the lawn with the corgi, and chucked a few burnouts in the paddock in the old Holden,” Ms Rae said.

“Oh well they just don't know what they have missed out on. 

“A real Aussie farming family in the grip of drought but still living the dream.”

Instead, Ms Rae, along with a number of Narromine shire ‘Royalists’ will be heading down to lap the streets of Dubbo in the hope to catch a glimpse of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan. 

For Ms Rae it’s their lifestyle, which is “like a fabulous movie” that has her most besotted and intrigued. 

“I love the Royal family and everything about them. I love the history of the family - the good and the bad, the castles, the corgis, the Crown jewels and I am fascinated with their every day activities and their privileged life,” Ms Rae said. 

“Have they ever made their bed? Do they make their own pot of tea? Can they have their buddies over for a wild party?,” she questioned. 

It’s not just wonder that has Ms Rae captivated, it’s the grace and statements of the royal women. 

“Princess Diana and Fergie were in their prime when I was engaged, and their wedding dresses influenced the design of mine,” Ms Rae said. 

“I even had a huge M for [my husband] Matthew embroided on my wedding dress train just like Fergie had an A for Andrew, and I wore princess Diana court shoes  – that’s what they were called after she wore them at her wedding.” 

“Diana was the gorgeous sensible princess and Fergie was the wild free spirited red head. They both changed the pompous palace into a real home or so it seemed for a short time.”

While Ms Rae said no one is as fabulous as Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth, Camilla simply puts a smile on her face. 

“I really like Camilla, but no one is as fabulous as HRH Queen Elizabeth. Her life story is fascinating and the changes she has seen, and personally had to make during her reign are amazing. She has such a strength,” she said. 

“Camilla just makes me smile. She’s a bloody good sport and I’m sure she knows how to chug down a jug of Pimms at the polo.” . 

“She and Charles seem terribly comfortable together. Just like a pair of your favourite old slippers,” she said. 

This is not the first time Ms Rae has brushed shoulders with the Royal family, but was lucky enough to see the Queen at the Zoo when they visited in 1992. This time, she is just as excited to see the young couple when they stop at Victoria park next Wednesday. 

When asked if she will push and shove to get glimpse of the Royal couple at Victoria Park, she said it’s not in her nature and will sit back and wait for them to come to her, as it will be the life size Camilla and Queen Elizabeth which will draw their attention. 

“They are the two important women in their lives so they might be interested to know why I have Camilla in tow,” Ms Rae said.  

“I'm guessing we will have to park the bus and walk miles with camping chairs, picnic baskets, corgis and flags. Oh but won't it be fun.”