Beat the Breakdown host two community workshops for Trangie

Beat the Breakdown have hosted two 'Startin' that conversation' workshops for men and women to come together and connect about topics many sweep under the rug.

The events were funded though the Beat the Breakdown walk, which raised thousands to go back into mental health programs in the Narromine shire.

Walker and Beat the Breakdown advocate Emma Flinn said 100 people from both Narromine and Trangie attended the two-hour workshops last Wednesday and Thursday.

"The community, when we did these walks was so incredibly amazing at supporting us, we did it over two days, we had a night at the Trangie pub, and just everyone turned up and dug so deep, it was just amazing," she said.

"We then walked on to Narromine the next day and same thing, a beautiful reception at the footy there, then on to the pub.


"Because the community showed us such wonderful support, it makes it all the more important.

"All the money raised was from within this community, and it will stay within this community directly."

Facilitating the event was Tommy Herschell from the Finding Your Feet organisation, who helped people start tough conversations and discussed the positives that come from talking.

"It's not just for people who suffer from anxiety and depression on an ongoing basis, it's for everyone," Ms Flinn said.

"Everyone has a tough day, and it's just about coming together as a community and supporting each other around that."

Ms Flinn said the group identified mental health support was a need in the shire, and it was important to host the workshops locally to give back to the people who raised the money.

"Because everyone put in such a beautiful effort for our little fundraiser, we really felt like we had to give back in a special way," she said.

"With mental health there's always a struggle, and it's always present in our community unfortunately.

"But given the drought, we're in a pressure cooker and people are feeling it, so there's probably a little bit more emphasis on why we're doing it."

Going forward Ms Flinn said the group would be hosting more workshops in both Narromine and Trangie, and plans for further fundraising in 2020 were underway.

"Obviously this is a continuing issue, and that if anyone has any issues, wants further support or knows of someone who could probably do with a little extra ear to listen to contact Rural Mental Health Adversity Program (RAMHP)," she said.