NSW Farmers to deliver Tech Talk to learn how to increase mobile coverage

People looking to improve their mobile coverage will benefit from an upcoming Tech Talk in Narromine.

The workshop is being delivered by the NSW Farmers Narromine branch to help people in the region learn how to increase their mobile coverage.

The Tech Talk program has been driven by NSW Farmers regional service manager Andrew Coughlan who said the aim of the workshop was to educate people on the different products and services available.

While Mr Coughlan has only been in the NSW Farmers role for seven months, he previously had spent 12 years with TELCO and understands that coverage in western NSW is very poor or non-existent.

He said with the help of a Telstra Cel-Fi antenna his coverage improved from 45-minute drop outs, to only 15 minutes.


"I have a Cel-Fi antenna, which is a Telstra product, we got them installed in our fleet vehicles and the difference was amazing, huge," he said.

"So the tech talk is about educating people about different frequencies that are available, so 3G 4G 4GX frequencies, and how to capture those using technology."

The workshop has been sponsored by WFI Insurance and the local Telstra shop at Dubbo, which wanted to support community engagement and help the show on the road.

The interactive session will demonstrate the use of technology to better improve connectivity around the home, farm or vehicle, and will discuss in simple terms how the technology works.

"Knowledge is power, that's the whole reason for the day," Mr Coughlan said.

"It's not to be an advocate or attracted to Telstra, its not what its about, its purely an education piece about what's available, so whether the coverage isn't available we talk about NBN satellite and how that can help."

Mr Coughlan said NSW Farmers knew connectivity was an issue in rural areas, and the program was another way to advocate for increased outcomes on the Black Spot program.

"For NSW Farmers, its a way for us advocating the black spot program, and whilst we patiently wait for that to keep moving, this is something we can do in the meantime," he said.

NSW Farmers Narromine brach chair James Hamilton has encouraged people to come along to uncover the benefits that are available in our region.

"It's a once opportunity on our doorstep, so that people can leave with an understanding of what's in the marketplace, what's going to meet their needs, and the costs associated," he said.

"So to have that in a one-stop-shop, where someone actually knows what they're talking about and also understands our issues in the bush is invaluable."

The workshop is open to members of the community and will be at the Narromine USMC on Friday, February 28 from 1pm until 4pm.